The National Children's Medical Center (NCMC) provides a unique opportunity for the organization of medical and health tourism to pediatric patients in need of therapeutic or surgical treatment from all over the world. We offer world-class services at a fraction of the world's prices. Our prices for medical services are the lowest compared to other countries.

         Our hospitality team will carefully accompany you, holding your hand from the moment you arrive at the Tashkent airport up until you return to your home country. Escorted between a hotel and the clinic, you will enjoy a comfortable environment, including the interpretation and various types of additional services you may need while saving big. Did we mention free high-speed internet?

Competitive in the global market of integrated medical services

        NCMC serves as a world-class example of a multidisciplinary integrated health services ecosystem that includes various medical institutions and Universities.

The Tashkent Pediatric University, (+Korean Universities?) train future doctors and health professionals, using dynamic and cutting-edge education programs with the help of a highly qualified team of professors and teachers.

       Our Diagnostic Unit consists of the Radiology Department, The Nuclear Medicine Department, and The Clinical Laboratory. We dare to say it has an unmatched set of a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment from world-leading medical equipment manufacturers.  Our partner, KANI-MED HEALTHCARE, serving 83 countries - a world-class leader in Medical Laboratory Management, operates our Lab. We offer a wide range of laboratory services based on cutting-edge advancements in genetics, immune system studies, allergies, microbes, viruses, and pathology of all body organs and systems.

NCMC develops and improves its software, including the "Hospital Information System," and strives to be a leader in digitalizing medical services.

Center of excellence

       All clinical departments of NCMC employ qualified specialists who have completed training and received experience in leading clinics in Korea, Germany, Turkey, Russia, and other countries. Our doctors collaborate with world-class specialists and carry out complex cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, microsurgery, and minimally invasive surgery operations using state-of-the-art technologies on the cutting-edge technological equipment.

Health Tourism Center

        Every year, families with children from different parts of the world come to Uzbekistan for tourism and medical care.

      For their convenience, the NCMC International Patient Service Center offers all required logistical arrangements, along with the counseling, diagnostic, and treatment at the Center. Our travel partners will provide you with the most cost-saving trips if you wish to visit pearls of the ancient Silk Road - Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva.