Children Cardio Center consists of two departments: Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and Pediatric angiography cardiology.
Experts with the experience received at the world-leading clinical centers are working here in ongoing collaboration with their colleagues from all over the world. In severe cases, they are providing consultations remotely through Telemedicine.
Doctors at the cardiology center diagnose children with congenital and acquired heart defects, cardiomyopathies, and cardiac arrhythmias and provide them with required medical care.
Department of Cardiology is equipped with the expert class ultra-sound devices (GE the Vivid T8 and the Vivid the IQ) and advanced angiographic equipment (GE of Innova the IGS 530).
Specialists at the department carry out endovascular correction and conservative treatment of heart diseases using state-of-the-art methods of diagnostics and treatment based on the cutting-edge experience continuously assimilated from the leading experts all over the world.
Specialists at the Department of Cardiac Surgery provide required medical care to children of all ages beginning from infancy. They offer the entire spectrum of modern interventions for congenital heart defects.
The hi-tech equipment and the experience of the Center's experts allow carrying out surgical interventions that match the standards adopted in the leading cardiac centers of the world.
In addition, the Center's specialists carry out surgical operations of varying complexity in cooperation with leading specialists from countries such as South Korea, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Italy, and Belarus.