Plastic Surgery Division

Specialists in plastic surgery deal with the correction of congenital malformations of the craniofacial region, upper and lower extremities, and the skin and soft tissues of the whole body. Advanced microsurgical equipment is used for reconstruction plastic surgery operations in this department. For example, doctors use the next-generation microscope for crosslinking vessels 1 mm or lesser diameter, intra-surgical ultrasound angiography, X-ray image intensifier, etc.
Comprehensive treatment provided to patients here complies with international standards and protocols. Doctors collaborate with the leading expert from clinics, centers, and medical universities in Uzbekistan, CIS, and worldwide.
Equipment of world-leading brands such as Carl Zeiss optics by Karl Storz, Keeler, Medtronic, etc., is used for diagnostic and treatment purposes by doctors in this department. Department uses MRI, CT angiography, ultrasound angiography, endoscopy, etc. examinations done at the NCMC Diagnostics Unit.